Answer: The AI4Images.com software will automatically analyze every image for optimal enhancement. AI4Images.com will break down your image, analyze all intersections and content of each area, and apply the best improvements possible -- without making the image look fake or unreal. Our AI software will enhance the quality, detail, sharpness, clarity, color balance, skin tones, and visual impact of each image.
Answer: AI4Images.com is NOT an image editing application. AI4Images.com will NOT alter the image to have a different context or create artificial looking images.
Answer: AI4Images.com is powered by Elpical’s Claro, the leading automatic image enhancement software used by some of the largest global publishing groups and has been adapted for use by individuals and enterprises requiring enhancement of images related to brands, products and storytelling.
Answer: AI4Images.com supports TIFF, JPEG, PSD, Camera RAW, PNG, EPS, and PDF. We support 8-bit and high-end 16-bit formats. There is no limit on image resolutions, color spaces, or sizes… only what your browser and bandwidth can handle. Note that larger files will take longer to process. Images low in quality or resolution can not be fixed by image enhancement.
Answer: The Free plan is limited to one user. The Pro and Enterprise plans include user administration to create and manage multiple users for the benefit of teams and groups.
Answer: AI4Images.com image asset storage days are determined by the pricing plan.
Answer: Plan Image Credits are based on your Plan and the number of images available to be processed in a month. The higher the plan level, the more you benefit. Plan Image Credits expire at the end of every month and are not available for rollover to the next month.
Answer: Extra Image Credits are non-expiring image credits to enable you to fill in the gap upon exceeding the monthly image credits. You can purchase Extra Image Credits at any time under your account management screen. They will not expire and can be used at any time. These credits will automatically be used if you exceed the monthly plan credits.
Answer: These image credits are those given to you from our support or marketing teams. They are for promotions, referrals, and other purposes as we see fit for your continued satisfaction and loyalty.
Answer: We provide a mechanism to perform re-enhancement within the application. We are always updating the system and adding controls for you to influence the AI engine and to tune some of the settings for better results. With these controls and re-enhancement, you should be able to achieve the desired outcome. This will not cost you extra image credits. If the enhancement does not meet your satisfaction, you can submit a request to the AI4Images.com Support team at support@ai4images.com for image analysis and request the image credit be reinstated to your account.
Answer: We are continuously enhancing our features and our engine. Soon, you will find features such as the following will be added:
  • Ability to use a remote hot folder, and / or other cloud-based storage engines (ex: DropBox) for input folder / output folder automation from any system or desktop. (Enterprise level only)
Answer: Absolutely! Please contact us at support@ai4images.com to discuss your requirements. AI4Images.com includes a robust API for connectivity into any other systems, portals, or services. (Enterprise level only)
Answer: Yes, we have created our comparison view tools as an independent component that we can share. (Enterprise level only)
Answer: Please reach out to us in our online chat system, or e-mail us at support@ai4images.com

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